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Check the range of my offer, types of classes I give, workshops and courses I run, online Skype sessions, my availability, location and other non-training services I provide. Make sure you subscribe to my You Tube channel, Facebook page and newsletter to be always up-to-date with my latest news.

Accent Reduction and Accent Coaching

Have you been dreaming about a deep American sounding or a posh British accent? I help people working or living in English speaking countries lose their hard foreign accent and acquire the chosen one, e.g. British, American or Australian, no matter how old they are, where they come from or how ‘talented’ they are. I crash the stereotypes and create a new reality of English speaking teaching.

Art of Elocution

The way you speak constitutes your business card, reflects your professionalism, competence and determines how successful you are. I offer you a complete preparation for persuasive and efficient speaking and making your voice sound pleasant, appealing and charismatic as a result transforming you into a great speaker who is listened to, respected and followed.

Neurological Speech Therapy

I help people suffering from severe speech impediments like lisp, stuttering or facial nerve paralysis. I’m also competent enough to train people who are visually impaired and hard of hearing or even completely deaf. I can make you speak without using my voice! If you suffer from any other communication challenge I will create special techniques only for you.

Public Speaking and Presenting

Scientists attending international conferences, politicians giving public speeches or maybe journalists interviewing their guests in English? These are my standard clients enjoying the thorough preparation for public speaking, story-telling, stage performance, art of presence, mastering oratory skills to the final element of enchanting their listeners with their voice and accent.

Efficient Communication for Business

You use English on a daily basis but you would like to be more efficient while speaking with your clients, more persuasive when negotiating contracts and more appealing when presenting a new offer. I will show you how to work on your elocution, fluency and accent that you can boost your career even more, improve your professional position and as a result develop your business.

Voice Acting and Voice Over

I’m a professional speaker and voice actress working in a studio for commercial reasons. I record audiobooks, film presentations, jingles, songs in a few languages and accents providing you with a professional voice for business presentations, persuasive one for commercials and characteristic one for pieces of acting. I also professionally train other would-be voice actors and speakers.

Watch me on You Tube

I’ve created my authorial You Tube channel Pola Accent Maker where you can get to know me, my style, samples of my lessons and deepen your knowledge about: accent reduction/ coaching, correct pronunciation, basic phonetics, use of your voice and efficient communication. You will also find there results of cooperation with me and interviews with my clients. Please subscribe and learn with me online!

Specialised Education
Applied linguistics, philology, phonetics, voice studies, music school, credentials of International Phonetic Association
International Background
Polish by birth, cosmopolitan by choice. Experience of living and obtaining education abroad (UK, France, Scandinavia etc.), constant and frequent travelling
Non-native English sounding like one!
Born in Poland and raised in a Polish family, living example it’s possible to sound like a native English user not being one!
Multinational Clients
People of over 20 different nationalities (Polish, Russian, French, Ukrainian, American, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, German, Israeli, Latvian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic etc.)
Authorial and Innovative Methods
Joining traditional phonetic approach with a modern touch, use of speech therapy, art of elocution, work with body, tailor-made techniques
Passion and Love
Huge dedication, mission, immense love for my work, an organic teacher with a real vocation
years of experience
as a language and accent coach
American accents
I can articulate and teach you
British accents
I can articulate and teach you
of my current and ex clients
private clients
I have worked with individually
group students
I have trained during workshops
Happy Clients

Accent possibilities

British (RP or other) for the American and vice versa

 Canadian / Australian for the American / British

American (GA or other) for the American

British for the British

British / American for Romance languages users

British / American etc. for the Scandinavians

British / American etc. for the Slavs 

British/ American etc. for the Asians 

British/ American etc. for the southern Europeans etc.

British/ American etc. for the Arabs