Public Speaking & Presenting

If you are a PUBLIC SPEAKER who needs to perform on a regular basis in front of wide audience and doesn’t feel confident enough about it

I am happy to share with you my extensive public speaking experience, mastered art of presenting and verified techniques how to forget about the stage fright and amaze your listeners.

If you are a SCIENTIST who participates frequently in international conferences during which you have to give a professional presentation showing the results of your research, study, written thesis and it overwhelms or maybe even scares you

I know how to help you with anything you need. I have cooperated with number of scientists like you from various fields (humanities, law, chemistry, physics, biology, geology, mathematics, genetics, medicine and even astronomy!) and there is no subject that can surprise me. I have also participated in a number of conferences and events as a speaker myself so I know well what you are going through.

If you are POLITICIAN, MEMBER OF EUROPEAN PARTLIAMENT or other INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ORGANISATION and you struggle to be perceived as recognised and charismatic but at the same time credible and trustworthy

I offer you the COMPLETE process of training starting from the language and phonetic level, through the art of presence, using appropriate body language, gestures, posture to the final element of enchanting your listeners with your voice so that you are both listened to and followed.

If you are a DIPLOMAT, MEDIATOR or PROFESSIONAL NEGOTIATOR who has perhaps problem joining smoothly professionalism, empathy and the ability of show your high communication skills

I am there to instruct you on how to use your voice appropriately so that you manage to put your message successfully across. I will show you how to be expressive but at the same time not aggressive but persuasive and pleasant to cooperate with.

 If you are a REPRESENTATIVE OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION, FOUNDATION or NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATION whose challenging role is to present the company and its policy, goals and figures

I invite you to the fascinating world of representative speaking, the art of description and storytelling, the power of creating ideas and sharing them with others kindling interest, understanding and respect.

If you are searching for a professional and experienced COMPERE/ MC and PRESENTER to lead your international event, conference or championship

I am happy to offer you my service of professional presenter and compere. I have run a number of international events during which I made the opening and closing speeches, presented the participants, coordinated the entire event and communicated with guests in a few languages, each and every with flawless elocution.

! I have an extensive experience of working with scientists and university lecturers from Polish Academy of Sciences and other prestigious scientific organisations helping them present publicly their articles, prepare their speeches on international conferences, speak during oral exams or M.A. / Ph.D. defence

! As a professional translator and interpreter I have completed specialised courses of legal, political and diplomatic translation/ interpretation within the field of English/ French/ Polish language and I was proud to pass challenging exams and obtain accreditation to European Parliament hence I am more than ready to work with people from the political environment

! I have a big pleasure to teach many medical doctors and prepare them for their international conferences, symposium and lectures. Medical and dental translation and interpretation was my favourite specialty during my translation studies (and my first translation was published in ‘The Contemporary Dentistry’). This combined with my broad practical experience of cooperation with doctors and pharmaceutical companies employees make me a perfect trainer for people from the world of medicine.

! I am a professional public speaker, presenter and compere/ MC. I have experience in leading many important international events and conferences from various domains with VIP clients, communicating with them in a few languages and working under time and stress pressure. I can guarantee you the smooth and professional image of your event.