Art of Elocution

If you are a TV PRESENTER, JOURNALIST, VOICE ACTOR OR SPEAKER who uses voice for professional reasons

 The way you speak constitutes your business card and it’s a kind of advertisement of your professionalism and you as a personal brand. How would you like this brand to be? The top class, highest level one? So it means you need to search for the highest level trainers and the top class education. I will provide you with both.

If you use your voice to ADVERTISE YOUR SERVICES or sell your products (through recorded films, auditions or podcasts) or you are a VLOGGER, PODCASTER or YOU TUBER

 You are aware of the fact that the way you speak determines how many clients or viewers you have, how well you sell your services or products and simply how successful you are. I would like to gladly help you with reaching more clients by being able to present your offer in a professional, reliable and attractive way. This can be certainly done with your impeccable speaking skills outmatching the ones of your competitors
If you use your voice and speech in order to PERSUADE PEOPLE (SALESMAN, TRAINER, COACH)

 You certainly know that there is a very thin line between sounding inviting and pressing or even desperate. I offer you a complete preparation for persuasive and charismatic speaking and making your voice sound pleasant, appealing and persuasive without the so characteristic nowadays sounding of being pushy and insistent

 In your case efficient and professional communication is of paramount importance as its role is to serve people in most essential, difficult or even life changing situations. I will gladly help you to make your voice and speech synonymous with safeness, culture, credibility and reliability


If YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED WITH HOW YOU SPEAK and how your voice sounds

 I propose you to join me in the fascinating journey of exploring the possibilities of your voice, speaking skills and hidden potential that I promise I will help you (re)discover. Whatever your speaking aim is I will make sure we achieve it and do +50% which is my standard rule of working!

! I used to and still do work as a professional speaker and voice actress myself. I have an extensive experience recording various materials in the studio (audiobooks, materials for language courses, learning materials for blind students, IVR so Interactive Voice Responses in English, Polish and French for international companies and banks). My voice was used for a number of recorded films and presentations showing products and services of various companies, starting from medical companies, through the technological start-ups to luxury hotels and spas. I also enjoyed to a big extent working as a voice actor and dubbing stories for children.
All these make me experienced and reliable trainer for speakers and voice actors nowadays.

! I am myself a creator of a You Tube channel (Pola Accent Maker) so I understand all the doubts, fear and anxiety connected with presenting your content online and by means of recorded films. I have been there, I have done that and I have made it thus I know how to help you

! I have succeeded in helping doctors, judges, pilots, flight controllers, flight attendants, psychotherapists, facilitators, ethnic minorities integrators and other socially trusted and respected occupations. I have managed to make people speak and sound the way they have always wanted and I am open to any new challenge as I am convinced I can handle anything! So don’t even hesitate and get in touch with me 🙂