Voice Acting and Voice Over

Searching for a PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER to record your presentation, commercial or provide you with a nice background voice to your film?

I offer you my voice acting skills for specialised recordings: long coherent texts of audiobooks, commercials, jingles, presentations or background voice in English, Polish and French.

Would you like to RECORD an English version of your COMMERCIAL, PRESENTATION or maybe a SONG?

I can both speak and sing, provide you with a professional calm voice for business presentations, emphatic and persuasive one for commercials, characteristic one for pieces of acting.

In need of a VERSATILE VOICE ACTOR who can DUB A FILM hero, cartoon character or who can incarnate a child, animal or a characteristic persona?

I’m a skilled voice actress with a versatile ability to change my voice (from high pitched feminine one through the childish voice to the low pitch masculine one). I can incarnate good/ bad/ femme fatale women, male heroes/ villains, children, animals and other characteristic roles.

You would like to BECOME A VOICE ACTOR or you lack further development of your skills?

I can help you find your hidden potential, develop your already existing skills or upgrade and develop them. Nowadays I consider myself more of a teacher than a performer hence I can gladly share with you my knowledge and experience.

! I used to and still do work as a professional speaker and voice actress myself. I have an extensive experience recording various materials in the studio (audiobooks, materials for language courses, learning  materials for blind students, IVR so Interactive Voice Responses in English, Polish and French for international companies and banks).
Please go to the section MY FILMS AND RECORDINGS to listen to my voice/ language/ accents samples.

My voice was used for a number of recorded films, presentations and commercials showing products and services of various companies, starting from medical companies, through the technological start-ups to luxury hotels and spas. I also enjoyed to a big extent working as a voice actress and dubbing stories for children.

!  All these makes me both: professional and versatile speaker and voice actor but also experienced and reliable trainer for other speakers and voice acting professionals or anybody who wishes to gain such skills.