Accent Coaching/Reduction

Accent Reduction

If you are an English user who has ALWAYS DREAMT OF GETTING RID OF YOUR FOREIGN ACCENT but has never lived or even been to any English speaking country or whose exposure to good quality of English is limited

I specialise in teaching people like you. Moreover, I can gladly show you that IT REALLY DOESN’T MATTER that you haven’t lived in any English speaking country or you don’t travel there at all. The only person who needs to have such experience is me. I decidedly have it and I can use all of my expertise to help you sound way less harsh or foreign (or simply not foreign at all) to the extent that pleases us both.

If you are an IMMIGRANT LIVING IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY (English speaking or any other) and feeling that your accent limits your social and professional position or hinders your possibility to blend in the new society

I can help you make  your foreign accent much less hard, far more neutral, smooth and not identifying you as any particular ethnicity representative. I always work with a speaker of a given mother tongue I can speak myself or at least I know thoroughly its phonetic system (and I speak a few languages but know more than 40 phonetic systems). You have the guarantee that the accent reduction course will be tailor-made especially for your particular phonetic needs focused on eliminating the characteristic features of your native accent.
 If you wished to achieve more than that- you’re welcome! During accent coaching classes we can work on a particular accent like southern or northern English, General American or any other.

If you are an English learner whose POOR PRONUNCIATION MAKES YOU NOT PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD by English native speakers (or maybe you also struggle to understand them)

I will show you which elements of your pronunciation evoke problems, why, on which level and how to prevent it. I will point at the risks that your mother tongue creates while you speak English. As a result you will become much more AWARE OF how you speak and how to eliminate your typical mistakes so that foreigners can understand you with no problems. Moreover,  exposing you to different accents will also HELP YOU UNDERSTAND native speakers better and distinguish particular accents without any problems.

If you have an impression that you’ve tried so hard and NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT YOUR HARD ACCENT because you ‘DON’T HAVE MUSICAL EAR, ‘talent for learning languages’ etc.

I will help you forget about all those limiting stereotypes and clichés showing you that speaking with a nice accent isn’t a matter of any ‘musical talent’ but appropriate, individually created techniques, correct training mode and a good accent teacher whom I consider myself to be. I don’t believe in ‘hard/ helpless examples’, ‘missions impossible’ or ‘unteachable students’. I will help ANYBODY with ANY PROBLEM. I’m not afraid of any challenge. I am simply so certain of my knowledge, experience, skills and ability to create authorial and innovative techniques that maybe don’t even exist in my head yet 😉

Accent Coaching

If you are an ACTOR who is dreaming about acting career in the US or in the UK or needs to be ready for a casting or audition in English or maybe you need a given accent for your new role

I’m there for you to prepare you for any acting challenge. I have a big stage experience myself and have helped actors from different backgrounds with their film/ theatre roles, preparations for international auditions, castings or simply starting professional career abroad. I gained my experience in the British Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and Los Angeles.

If you are a SINGER who wants to start singing in English or is planning to release their album on English speaking market or simply boost your career and be ready to give interviews in English

I can gladly help you with making your English lyrics sound correct, real and native-like so that nobody can guess while listening to you sing that you are a foreigner. I’m a graduate of music school (12 years, diploma, 2 main instruments: violin and viola, 2 extra ones: piano and flute), have a trained voice, ability to read music, sing and interpret songs. I help singers with particular songs or singing in English in general, preparing them for recording an album in a studio or singing on stage live which is always quite stressful. It doesn’t have to be anymore!

If you are a BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL who wants to launch a new branch in other country or wants to communicate better with your foreign or English native speaking clients

I can help you acquire your desirable accent, be it American or British (or any other). We all know how speaking with a proper sounding is important when building your career, professionalism and reliable image. I can guarantee you that changing your pronunciation will not only improve communication with your foreign clients but will also significantly boost your  daily performance in English, self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you are a POLITICIAN OR DIPLOMAT who wants to achieve the peak of your communication skills

Your communication skills constitute your business card and are testimonials of your professionalism, education and experience hence it should be of paramount importance to try to upgrade it to another better level on a regular basis. I am happy to not only change your accent but also make you sound like a top communicator whose fantastic oratory skills make you considered as a trustworthy, magnetic and charismatic speaker.

If you are a JOURNALIST who is dreaming about international career, making interviews with foreign guests and performing in top class English language

I will teach you how to make your sounding pleasant to listen to, inviting and professional, how to understand your speakers from different countries better (while having huge understanding of their accents) and also how to speak with a chosen one so that you can blend in with your international environment and make sure that your speaking skills don’t limit you and don’t undermine your professionalism and your perception as a speaker.

If you are a TRAINER OR COACH who wants to launch your career on international markets and reach your foreign clients

How you speak is the main factor of a quick decision if a given person will become your future client or not. Efficient communication is therefore the key to success with your clients and reaching your common goals. Having a perfect accent can easily help you achieve both, especially as the main motto of your job is constant progress. Why not progressing with your you speak and sound? Is there any more important skill for you?

If you are a CONSECUTIVE, CONFERENCE OR SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETER striving to develop your skills and boost your career

The way you perform your interpretation and how you put your message across determines how successful as an interpreter or translator you are. Your clients assess the quality of your work by listening to how you speak, i.e. how you pronounce words. Making it sound flawless and having a perfect accent should be your ultimate goal. I am a professional translator and interpreter myself (within French/ English and Polish), a graduate of prestigious translation and interpretation studies with an extensive experience. I empirically know your problem, understand your issues and I am more than certain I can help you achieve the peak of your speaking skills.

If you are an ENGLISH TEACHER who would love to be constantly better not only for yourself but mostly for your students

You are often the only person creating for your students English environment hence you are given a huge responsibility. The way you speak is extremely important and it nearly always determines how your students will speak in the future and if will they be perceived as good speakers or not. Learning correct pronunciation and a good accent should be a permanent element of your own education. Learn accent with me and observe how your teaching career progresses!

If you are a LINGUIST, PHILOLOGY STUDENT OR ACCENT ENTHUSIAST who can’t reach the highest point of English skills on your own

Most probably you love learning English by yourself but there are aspects which you can’t cover just on your own.  One of them is correct pronunciation and proper accent. Let me invite you to the wonderful adventure of the world of sounds, allophones, phonetics, phonology and enjoying learning English language at the highest possible level!

! Over 10 American accents I speak and can teach you (General American, Californian, Boston, or maybe Texas?)

! Over 15 British accents I speak and can teach you (northern Geordie, southern Estuary, soft RP/ BBC or maybe Irish?)

! Over 40 international phonetic systems I know and over 40 world accents I can teach you! (if you’d like to get a Russian accent or maybe you are a Russian who wants to get rid of this accent, same with Italian, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, Scandinavian, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and many more)

! Specialised education: professional linguist/ phonetician/ phonologist/ speech therapist specialising in neurotherapy and art of elocution (graduate of philology, applied linguistics with phonetics as major and voice studies), credentials of International Phonetic Association.

! Graduate of music school (12 years, diploma, 2 main instruments: violin and viola, 2 extra ones: piano and flute), ability to read music, sing and interpret songs.

! Professional translator and consecutive/ simultaneous interpreter with passed accreditation test of The European Parliament.

! Over 10 years of experience with people of different ages groups (3 to 64 years old), various nationalities (over 30 of them) and multiple teaching techniques (including the most important ones- MY OWN which seem to be the best compared to anything else that I have learnt during my studies, nothing taught me more than hundreds of my fantastic clients!)