My mission

My mission is to show you that YOU can get rid of your foreign accent even if you don’t believe yourself there is anything that can be done about it. There is A LOT that can be done on many levels!  We can improve it by 10, 20, 50 or 100% and no matter which degree of change you choose it will be absolutely worth it and it will remarkably change your life. And if you don’t believe in yourself then I will believe in you until the moment you decide to join me 🙂

My duty is to fight on an everyday basis with dozens of unfair stereotypes and myths that:

you are ‘too old’,  you don’t have ‘a musical ear’,  you don’t have any ‘linguistic talent’, you haven’t ‘lived abroad’ or that you ‘don’t actually need it’.

Over 10 years of my accent teaching experience, more than 500 individual clients and over 1000 of group students show me clearly that we can FORGET about all these and treat them as limiting and unfair phrases repeated thoughtlessly by less ambitious, less determined and simply less believing than you.

My goal is to make people abandon their hurtful and lessening stereotypes that their country of origin, ethnicity, skin colour or first language can anyhow determine how they will ultimately speak English.

I’ve worked with over 50 different nationalities and plethora of different age groups (3-60 years old) thus I can surely say that all of the above mentioned aspects are of NO IMPORTANCE if you take the right actions steps, if you know how to direct your language education and if you choose the right learning paths. And my role it to guide you during the entire process, help you grow and support you whenever you need it.

My aim is to prove people that even if they spoke incorrect English for 20-30 years of their life it is JUST FINE as age is just a number which isn’t anyhow important to me. What matters is how much time we have, how hard-working and determined you are and how much into the process we will be. I will give my 100% and you?

My desire is to break the status quo, crash the stereotypes and fight for the impossible. I help people with speech impediments who suffer from lisp, stuttering or neurological problems and finally PEOPLE WHO CAN’T HEAR or are BLIND OR VISUALLY IMPAIRED. I will break this what others call impossible and will prove you and hence empower you that your new speaking skills will overcome any problems and limitations.

My passion is to make people’s dream come true. I work with very old and very young people, with stressed business professionals and easy-going artists, with pressurised actors and fearful high-school students. They dream about negotiating successful contract, winning the casting and getting the desired role, easily shooting some difficult film, giving fantastic interview in English, brilliantly presenting their public speech, being accepted by the top world university or… just simply being understood by others despite their speech or hearing limitations. There is nothing I couldn’t handle, there is nothing I wouldn’t give a go and try my best.
Your dream is my dream, your aim is my aim and I do my best to make sure both of us succeed.

My aspiration is show to HOW MUCH can be done about the way they speak, HOW MANY techniques and methods I have to address their problems, or HOW DIFFERENT ones I can gladly and easily INVENT just for them if there is such need, HOW PLEASANT AND AMUSING this process can be and HOW QUICKLY we can transform it into unforgettable adventure and worthwhile experience.

The sense of my life is making the positive transformation of how people speak.  Because when the way they speak changes everything else also changes on a personal, professional, mental and emotional level. People gain self-confidence that attracts others, they acquire magnetism and charisma that decorate them like the most precious ornament and they start emanating huge, irresistible energy that makes them beam and shine!

Let me prove you that the impossible is only in your head and POSSIBLE and ACHIEVABLE is a decision you need to make.

Change your speech- change your life!
Pola Accent Maker- Voice and Accent Coach