About me


Please watch the film about my life story, background and work.


I’m an accent/ dialect coach, pronunciation teacher, voice trainer, professional linguist, phonetician, phonologist, art of elocution expert, speech therapist specialising in neurological speech therapy, professional translator and consecutive/ simultaneous interpreter.
I graduated from the Institute of Applied Linguistics, in the field of the teaching-translation specialisation of applied linguistics (English/ French). I obtained there my BA (department of glottodidactics, specialisation in acquisition of English) and MA (department of glottodidactics, specialisation in English phonetics and pronunciation).

I’m a graduate of post-graduate voice studies and courses in articulatory phonetics, art of elocution and use of voice organised by renown voice specialists and the most prestigious school of accent coaching in Europe – Royal Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London. Then I educated myself in its American equivalent so American Academy of Dramatic Arts. I also hold IPA credentials (International Phonetic Association) and I’m a member of American association of qualified accent coaches and speech trainers.

I’ve even started to pursue my academic career on Ph.D. studies in the field of articulatory phonetics however I got deeply disappointed by the overly theoretical approach towards teaching pronunciation presented by the university academic environment and hence decided to start creating my own approach, methods and techniques.


During my life I used to live and travel around the world, visited many countries, lived, learnt and worked in many places where people used different languages. I have lived both in English and non English speaking countries. However, by birth, blood and ethnicity I am POLISH! I was born and raised in Polish family, have Polish parents so I am a non-native English speaker who sounds like one and is a living proof that you can train any accent you want to and genuinely sound like a native!

From my early childhood I have been surrounded by different languages and accents, mostly by various accents of English language: British, Canadian, American but also Slavic, Germanic, Romance, Asian, Scandinavian and many more. I have always listened carefully to any language and accent I encountered and was then learning, tried to understand the way it was used and also tried to repeat it, mimic or even sometimes make fun of it 😉 This is how my love to accents and languages was created. During all those years, I have learnt over 10 different languages, analysed thoroughly over 40 different phonetic and phonological systems, not only by listening to them by also by studying them from the theoretical and descriptive point of view, then by articulating their sounds myself and consequently becoming a master of them. As a result, I can teach whatever I can produce myself and I still enlarge my accent portfolio.
What has particularly helped me was spending 12 years in music school where I studied hearing excellence, rhythm, harmony and acoustics. I also played 4 instruments.


My experience extends from being a teacher of a given curriculum or method, through being a language and voice coach, author of own workshops and courses, educationist choosing, assessing and improving the quality of didactic materials, creator of own didactic methods, programs and materials, voice/ accent/ dialect coach, trainer of trainers and director of studies. I have taught people from different age groups (3-70 years), from many countries (over 20 different countries and nationalities, also multilingual children from international school) and many different professional domains (from humanities, through science to business, banking and IT). I have worked in a classroom, lecture hall, conference chamber, cinema and theatre chamber and open-air. I have extensive experience in public speaking and public performance (as an ex- ballet dancer and professional musician I have performed on stage way over 100 times, the earliest at the age of 4, my biggest audience consisted of nearly 1000 people), stage fright is a daily bread for me. I am also prepared to work with microphone, display and in front of the camera. I have also a thorough experience in working in a recording studio as a voice actress and I help others who would like to become speakers, international trainers or voice talents. p others who would like to become speakers, international trainers or voice talents.


The method I use depends mostly on the expectation of my Client or Student. I cater totally to the person’s goals, expectations and needs. I join the theoretical phonetic knowledge with the practical elements of a specialised articulation training, speech exercises, work with body and my highly trained hearing. I create a tailor-made course for each of my private Clients and in case of group courses, I approach each Student individually with passion and energy as I want them to enjoy it as much as I do. The method relies on my deep conviction that we have a common goal to achieve and when you succeed, I succeed. However, there is one particular rule of thumb: I give my 100% of involvement, energy and effort and expect the same from my Clients. I am considered as very demanding but this what I require from my students I require even twice as much from myself. I am dynamic, energetic and full of positive energy and humour. Maybe because I truly adore this what I do and try to make it ‘infectious’.


I am privileged to earn my living doing what I wholeheartedly love. I chose teaching myself rejecting the career of a professional ballet dancer, musician, actress  and translator with European Parliament accreditation. However, all this experience alongside a professional music training and voice production helped me significantly master the melody and articulation of different accents. This combined with my hard work, analytical studying the field and consistent pursuing self-development in the domain made me become a self-aware and fully shaped language trainer.
I consider myself as an organic teacher whose life calling and mission is training other people, inspiring and motivating them as well as providing them with energy and self-belief. I don’t know which different accents I am going to learn or teach, where else I am going to travel but one thing I know for sure: I will always be a teacher. This is one of the few things in my life I am certain about. The time I spent creating this website and writing those texts was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding of my life. It only proves I chose the right thing to do.