Aleksandra Polak

I started learning English some 25 years ago when Polish teachers did not pay much attention to pronunciation and there were no online dictionaries with pronunciation option. I’ve never had a speaking barrier, but I could not articulate specific sounds of the British English, as nearly no-one ever taught me they existed and I mispronounced many words. Very often I could not understand what non-native speakers were saying because of their strong accent and pronunciation mistakes and I realised that many people must have had the same problems with me speaking English. ‘Sometimes I could not understand native speakers either as I was used to the incorrect sound of English words. I work a lot in English and travel a lot and that is why I wanted to improve the quality of my speaking. Lessons with Paulina are genuinely fantastic and my pronunciation gets better and better after every lesson during which not a single minute is wasted. She analyses the way you speak and introduces you to many rules regarding certain sounds so that you can notice that speaking properly is not that difficult and you don’t have to be born native. She also has a method of how to teach you to pronounce English sounds correctly by show­­ing how to position your mouth, lips, chin, etc. to arrive at the perfect sound. And she is very dedicated, so if one method does not work for you, she will come up with another one. After a year my British friends noticed that my Polish accent disappeared. After two years other people, including British, sometimes asked me if I lived in England when I was a kid as I sound British. Moreover, my listening skills have significantly improved. I do not have any problems now watching British films or TV or listening to a British radio. I can even make a distinction when someone speaks with another accent than the southern English one. When talking to a British person, I do not have to try to make out what they are saying, and I can focus on the content (and vice-versa), which hugely helps me at my work and makes private conversations much nicer.
Paulina has also taught me how to speak in a more structured manner, deal with tricky interview questions and how to deliver catchy elevator pitches. Her support resulted in me being admitted to the best European MBA programmes, and I’m sure this success would not have been possible without her.
Definitely, lessons with Paulina have been one of my best investments in my self-development.

Abayomi Olalekan
Singer, Compere, Presenter

I was born in Nigeria where I spent first years of my life. As a teenage I emigrated with my parents to the USA where I always felt like an immigrant, worse than others, also due to my hard African accent.
I’ve always wanted to pursue my career as a singer or a voice professional and knew that if I am to be taken seriously and achieve anything in this business I need to do something about it. This is when I met Pola.

I wanted to reduce my strong African pronunciation and acquire a beautiful soft American accent.  Even though we were on 2 different continents I’ve decided to choose Pola because I wanted to work with a non-native accent coach who managed to achieve the ideal native-like accent and most importantly – could understand my situation, needs and emotional limitations.

Pola, having many chapters of her life spent in different countries understands very well the needs of an immigrant fighting to be taken seriously abroad. She is empathetic, understanding, patient and even ‘caring’- she cares about you during the entire process, she motivates you, lifts you up during difficult moments of doubt, she gradually builds not only your great new accent but also your brand-new self-esteem, self-confidence and self-perception.

We were fighting with a big time zone difference, my own inhibitions and limitations and my bad speaking habits. Apart from helping me acquire a beautiful American accent she also taught me a lot about using my voice, intonation, pitch, vocal register, sounding, breathing and vocal hygiene. This knowledge is absolutely priceless. The classes with Pola were one of the most significant and life changing self-development I could dream of!

Ewa Otwinowska & Tomek Wachnik
Film Producers

After a few years of taking private English classes and notoriously changing native English teachers (cancelling lessons, no development plan, easy money, lack of passion)…we found Pola!
We’ve been learning English for years! When Tomek told me about an accent coach he found I burst into laughter saying: ‘Hun… we have a good accent!’ Now I find it extremely funny.

We will never forget our first lesson, that was mind-blowing. Pronuciation test. Yeah, bring it on!… It turned out that even the basic words were pronounced incorrectly. How’s that possible? We work in international companies, we work in English every day.

Second lesson.
We make serious mistakes! How’s that possible? We’ve had so many teachers, none of them have  mentioned that before, no-one has corrected us. The basic rules, such important ones; details that change the level of your speech dramatically.

Third lesson.
We’re so into it! Still can’t believe that we haven’t learned English for real before.
We’ve been planning to move to Australia for a long time. That’s why we badly needed native speakers’ help with improving our English. We were so lucky that we found Pola! After 1 year of taking 2 lessons a week we were confident enough to leave Poland, most importantly to leave our comfort zone of using mother tongue.

Sydney, May 2017 – I just got a phone call from Recruiter from Fox Studio Australia saying that my interview went really well and they would love to offer me a production position. Epic feeling.

We would strongly recommend lessons with Pola to people that are thinking about working abroad, want to escape from a black hole of B2, wish for a correct pronunciation and are ready for the best English experience ever. Pola is the most professional and passionate English teacher that we’ve ever had, also an extremely smart and charismatic person, what’s more an excellent interlocutor.

Tomasz Kamiński
Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Cambridge, UK

I am an inventor and scientist specializing in microfluids – a field of research at the nexus of engineering, biology, chemistry and physics.

The spoken English is an essential part of the scientist’s work, both while presenting results of research projects during conferences and symposia, as well as for direct and informal communication with other researchers. English is also necessary during interviews for new academic positions and when applying for funds for research projects.

Despite many years of learning English in public schools as well as during several foreign visits, I have never felt confident in using this language. Unfortunately, my poor level of language resulted in problems with establishing new contacts and cooperation in research projects, while public speeches and presentations always cost me a lot of effort and stress.

During my doctoral studies at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, one of my colleagues convinced me to enroll for English pronunciation  and accent private lessons with Paulina. It turned out that it was a great idea! During the first meeting I could not believe that Paulina is not a native speaker –mostly because of her perfect accent (and more specifically, a few different accents she uses alternately).

Unfortunately, it turned out that my level speaking is far from ideal and I pronounce almost every word incorrectly. After a moment of doubt, I realized that the vast majority of people in our country had the same disastrous language education in public schools and hurt the language like me. However, I did not give up with my poor level and continued my cooperation with Paulina for almost 1.5 years, which allowed me to significantly improve my pronunciation, acquire linguistic awareness and, above all, gain self-confidence while speaking in English. I was very pleased with the flexible form of classes with an emphasis on speaking and correct accentuation.

Paulina is a very lively, open and frank teacher who has an amazing sense of humor. She is a tolerant and open-minded person with a wide range of interests, and her musical talents are invaluable in sharing the knowledge and skills about phonetics and correct pronunciation.

The language skills acquired during tutoring with Paulina proved to be very important in my professional work and contributed to receiving many awards and honors. One of the most important achievements is my current employment contract at the best university in Europe – the University of Cambridge.

Aleksandra Zasada
Chemist at University of Warsaw

I got to know Pola when I was in desperation, searching for help after the umpteenth time of totally unsuccessful attempt to learn English pronunciation. I was told many times that I knew the language well. But how about me not knowing its correct pronunciation? ‘A native speaker will guess what you want to say!’ No, they will not. If you say ‘shit’ instead of ‘shirt’ they will not guess it. I’ve checked it.

My biggest problem was about not being able to listen to the language. I won’t watch the film, I won’t listen to the song or audiobook because…I cannot hear, I’m deaf.
I use English on an everyday basis at work while reading the scientific publications or while talking with my foreign friends, also during various trips abroad. Every time I preferred to write though  treating speaking as a last resort.

Explaining how a particular sound or phoneme should sound without using voice may seem impossible however Pola deals with it amazingly! The classes are run in a very nice atmosphere, totally stress-free but most importantly- they bring you genuinely fantastic results and thanks to them I’m able to communicate in English without undergoing a stroke every second sentence! 😉 I totally recommend the classes.

Aleksandra Hinc
Interior designer

I met Paulina over two years ago when I used to live abroad and wanted to improve my English skills I needed for everyday communication. I realised shortly afterwards she provided me with the type of language coaching I exactly needed and had looked for for a long time. Having had generally quite advanced command of English I wanted to sound more natural and fluent and thus make progress. Paulina as a bilingual person perfectly understands obstacles most Poles face while learning English pronunciation and accent. She is  polite and patient and can create an ambience of comfort and trust during  a lesson. She is  very professional, dedicated and  passionate about what she does. I find her enthusiasm  ‘positively infectious’ 🙂

Talking about benefits, I did make a huge progress in terms of way of speaking English for last two years. I became way more confident. I feel somehow granted with more trust from my interlocutors’ side. And the way I speak is more often praised, especially by British native speakers who say I sound very British and native like.

I hope my fascinating language journey with Paulina will last. There is always room for development… :-))

Grzegorz Chuchra
CEO of Predica

I was looking for a really long time for a person who would help me with making my English sound like proper English. Finally, I found Paulina who is not just an English teacher but is a true Expert in this area. The first lesson with Pola gives you already a taste how much you don’t know about English accent, how many different sounds you are not aware of and how much work there is waiting ahead of you. However, after each lesson, you see that learning is not a black magic but just a matter of rules, practices and a good teacher. I can assure that Pola is the best teacher you can find.

Elżbieta Włodarczyk
Medical Doctor, audiologist phoniatrician

When you are 50 years old, have absorbing job and million things around you it is very difficult to make a decision to learn a foreign language. I am a medical doctor, audiologist and phoniatrician, my second language is Hungarian because I studied in this language. Both during the studies and many times afterwards I made some attempts to learn English. As a result I was able to communicate in it but on a very unsatisfactory level. Up until recently all of the attempts of improving my English speaking skills ended up as a fiasco. I was again told to learn grammar, served boring exercises and well known schemes of learning.
Recently the number of the international conferences abroad in which I take an active part has tremendously increased and lack of the fluent communication skills in English started to bother me a lot.

Over a year ago a bit before the next conference I have decided to do something about it. I started lessons with Pola and it was a real surprise! The lessons don’t need to be boring?! I can learn in my own pace this what I really need, correct exactly this what I have problem with! Speaking English can be great fun! Now, every single lesson is a genuine pleasure for me, meeting an interesting person with whom we talk about any topic and somehow incidentally as a ‘side effect’ correct my bad pronunciation and accent also building gradually my vocabulary.

Pola is an accent coach and she specialises in teaching correct English pronunciation and accent  which is crucial when it comes to learning any foreign language. Thanks to correcting my pronunciation I became definitely better understood by my interlocutors, I became more self-confident and brave when it comes to starting conversations in English.

I started from a very low level, there is still a long road ahead of me but after a year of cooperation I am still full of eagerness and motivation, the learning process still gives me a huge pleasure. And it’s all thanks to Pola, her professionalism, totally innovative approach towards teaching and her immense passion I can see during our meetings.

Zuzanna Kietlińska
Student of Law Faculty

In 2013, I started studying in the International Baccalaureate (IB) class, where English was the leading language. I did not feel confident speaking in a foreign language and as a result I was unable to express my arguments. At that point I found Paulina. I had a mixed British-American-Polish accent and a genuine desire to work on it. The perfectly balanced lessons gave me a real pleasure – Paulina is not only a professional accent teacher, but also a fascinating, creative person. After two years of a fruitful cooperation I gained confidence in speaking English, the language barrier disappeared. The fluency in speaking and writing enabled me to pass the international Baccalaureate exam by obtaining 43 out of 45 points, which guaranteed me a place at one of the best universities in London – UCL. Living in the UK, I do not have any communication problems, I often hear words of appreciation for my pronunciation once it turns out that I was not born in England. I am convinced that without lessons with Paulina I wouldn’t have had a chance to study abroad, so I dare to say that she is capable of changing her students’ lives. I am extremely grateful for having met such an amazing teacher, motivator and interlocutor. I recommend Paulina wholeheartedly.

Magdalena Siełużycka
Stage manager, London

I wholeheartedly recommend Pola’s classes because I’m immensely grateful for her help in my pronunciation learning process. I’ve managed to master British accent, general pronunciation and also my oral comprehension. If you are searching for the perfect teacher who could help you boost your English speaking skills- you couldn’t find any better! I can honestly recommend you Pola. She can encourage, motivate you and explain English pronunciation using simple, everyday catchy examples which weren’t so obvious before. I had been learning with Pola for a year, intensively doing my homework and following her guidance. Her impressive professionalism made the classes worth their price.

I’ve been living in London for over a year now and it’s thanks to Pola and her classes that I can understand English people perfectly well (even my neighbour who speaks in such way that a year before I would have been ashamed to go out to the garden in order to avoid talks with her). Connected speech, linking and reductions don’t confuse me any longer. The English that Pola taught me is ‘different’ from the one taught at schools. It’s a very practical, everyday and authentic one, the one that is genuinely used by English native speakers. I would like to immensely thank for all the personal and Skype meetings (it’s much more convenient this way as you can learn even being on holiday as it’s a huge shame to cancel Pola’s lessons).

To sum up: Pola+ own work = success!

Jonathan Gautheron
Vice President Engineering The Bubbles Company

I didn’t follow the usual road for learning English, I mostly learned by myself the language with no real discipline. Daily I’ve been writing and talking in English at work, with my “French” accent while speaking very fast, a bad habit of mine, which sometimes made it harsh for people to understand me.

As it was starting to be bothersome to me and those close to myself, I decided that it’s time to re-educate myself. I wanted to sound like a native speaker, I always liked the British accent for its musicality, and the task wouldn’t be easy: I’ve been talking “my way” for almost a decade.
I contacted Pola who’s a specialist in that field, and after our first lesson I already had a good overview of my current level, what would I’d have to work on the most, the habits I had to lose and the words I pronounced wrong subconsciously.

Pola’s lesson format is enjoyable and original. We used to have at the beginning a free speech session, we would talk usually about something we had in mind, or about news… natural talk is usually the best way to catch the common mistakes we make. And usually the second part would be a bit more theoretical, understanding the underlying concepts.

Another detail that was important for me: homework. I don’t have much time in the evenings due to my job and family, and didn’t want to spend my evenings with my head in notebooks. I had a chapter to review and practice or a video to watch and that was it.

Over the year we worked together on improving my English and accent, I appreciated Pola’s professionalism, patience, passion and curiosity. Our discussions were very interesting and I do miss them!

I’d recommend Pola for anyone who’d like to learn or improve their English, but also for more advanced speakers who’d need to polish their language and speech.

Marta Małecka
English and Spanish translator

I got this thought some time ago: how great it would be to speak with a nice British accent… But how to achieve it, here and now, in Poland, without the necessity to move to the UK (what doesn’t guarantee you acquiring a nice accent anyway)? Unfortunately despite my studies at the faculty of applied linguistics my pronunciation was very Polish because there isn’t enough of emphasis put on the aspect of teaching proper accent and even the lecturers themselves often speak with a ‘Polish English’.

That is why I motivated myself and decided to take matters into my own hands. I conducted a quick research in the Internet and here she is, a professional accent coach in Warsaw! Exactly what I needed! Already during the first phonetic consultation I knew I found myself in the right place with the right person. Pola literally ‘factorised’ and dissected my pronunciation and pointed at all of the imperfections that had to be corrected. And there were many of them.

Now, after months of our cooperation the effects are fantastic – not only has my pronunciation improved but also my ability to discern and understand particular sounds of English (I can get the difference of the vowel articulation in ‘cat’, ‘come’, ‘calm’ and ‘Colin’ 😉 ). The improvement of the pronunciation has also boosted my self-confidence and reduced my stress during public presentations in English. So if while watching British series you sigh longingly yearning  for having a beautiful accent, don’t hesitate even for a second – the classes with Pola are spot on and they constitute the best investment in self-development 🙂

Renata Derlacka
Sales Manager

Meeting with Paulina really changed a lot in my professional life. I was looking for a good teacher who would improve my pronunciation but I found a real treasure. Paulina not only improved my pronunciation but also enriched the content of expressions and idioms. I really like her way of doing lessons. I feel that Paulina has great ways to overcome problems and motivation for further work. She is ambitious, hard working and constantly improving her resources. I had the opportunity to see that the effects of working with Paulina really make impression on people. My private trust ranking for accent coach Paulina – AAA+, she is really outstanding and unique.

Magdalena Brodziak
MA finance and management

I have been learning English pronunciation with Paulina for two years. Before I met Paulina, I did not fully believe that I would be able to fulfil my dreams of perfect British pronunciation. Many of my friends told me it was impossible. For me nothing is impossible, so I decided to give it a try.

Today, 2 years after taking the decision, I am very satisfied with the results of our cooperation. Paulina’s classes not only perfected my pronunciation, but also gave me more confidence in speaking with the English. The “problem” of nationality has disappeared because a strong Polish accent is no longer heard.

I really liked her professionalism and clear structure of the classes. We went on to practice the next sound only when the one we were covering recently, was already perfectly mastered. Paulina is very open, friendly and energetic person. I noticed during the first classes that she is an absolute professional in her field and teaching pronunciation is not only her job but also passion. Paulina is an experienced pronunciation teacher, she knows several foreign languages ​​and she knows what aspects of pronunciation are problematic for Poles or other nations. As a result, learning with her quickly brings the expected results.

I can recommend Paulina to anyone who dreams of a beautiful British pronunciation. On my example I know that it is really possible. At the beginning, the British pronunciation may seem to be difficult to master, after a few classes and visible progress in learning, it is going to be a pleasure.

Tomasz Onyszko
Digital Advisor & co-founder Predica

I’ve been using English as a foreign language for many years. I use it to talk with friends and in my daily business life. As a CTO of Predica I speak with many foreign customers, speak at conferences and internal meetings.

Before I met Paulina I hadn’t realized how important proper accent might be and how much better you are at communication with people when you are using proper form and pronunciation.  It makes you feel better, sound better and communicate better.

In personal life it is giving you those countless “AHA” moments when you realize that character in your favorite movie is speaking EXACTLY as you have just learned on the last lesson.

This is important, but this journey to proper English is fun because of Paulina’s vivid personality and humor. This, connected with her drive to perfection and ability to explain nuances in a very easy and practical manner makes it perfect experience.

Learning English with Paulina is fun, engaging and it makes me feel so much more comfortable and confident in my daily business life when I apply these skills.

Learning English pronunciation with Paulina is highly RECOMMENDED. You will never speak English the same again!

Zuzanna Makowska
M.A. English Philology, Ph.D. Student

I am a graduate of English Studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) in Warsaw, Poland and English Philology at The University of Warsaw.

Since 2016, I have been working for Groupon, the US editorial team. As a content specialist, I am responsible for creating and publishing engaging content and optimizing it according to the company standards.

I have been also working as a private English tutor for six years.

Currently, I am studying for a PhD in American literature since one of my life goals is to become an academic lecturer at an English-speaking university.

I believe that in order to become a good English speaker, it is crucial to focus on both fluency and pronunciation. If one of those is missing, our utterance might be perceived as less valuable and our knowledge might be underestimated. Therefore, in 2015, I started taking pronunciation classes in an attempt to acquire the RP accent.
At the beginning, I was struggling with correct positioning of the mouth and tongue, could not tell the difference between the British and American way of pronouncing certain words, and felt ashamed of my accent. Fortunately, Pola helped me overcome all of the issues.

She is an experienced teacher, able to meet the individual student needs. We have been practising each sound separately, reading the texts of my choice, and listening to native and non-native English speakers to spot their strong and weak points. These diverse teaching strategies have influenced the quality of my accent and helped me gain a wider perspective.

Although improving pronunciation is a continuous process and I still have much to learn, I can say that I am already proud of the way I speak and the progress is considerable. Several times, I have been even asked by both the Poles and foreigners if I come from England.

Words cannot express how grateful for Pola’s help I am, but it is definitely worth knowing how to pronounce them properly 🙂

Beata Miaśkiewicz
Medical Doctor, laryngologist phoniatrician

I am a medical doctor. I have been learning English for many years trying different methods. Up until recently my learning process has been quite irregular, it was limited to studying mostly grammar and only to a tiny extent my communication and speaking skills. Due to my work at a prestigious medical clinic, where I also develop myself scientifically, the good command of English was indispensable. I felt particularly uncomfortable during my internship trips abroad, courses or international conferences during which I had to give the speeches or try to establish professional contacts.

At some point I have decided to take the bull by the horns and overcome my limitations in this field. My aim is to improve my communication and speaking skills in English.

Pola was recommended to me by my colleague and I need to admit that it was a great success! We’ve been working for nearly a year and I do notice gradual and significant  improvement, which I could verify during my last scientific conferences (that I participated in only 3 months after starting our cooperation).

Lessons with Pola help me a lot because they are very interactive, they force me to careful speaking and listening. The crucial element of them is the correct pronunciation and Pola’s expertise in the field of the accent coaching. She is really excellent at it!

She also motivates me to work on my  language  skills outside our classes sending me lots of fantastic high quality materials, programs, films, dialogues and auditions to watch and listen to.

Lessons with Pola are totally different compared to the ones I have had until now. They are genuinely tailor-made and they focus on all weak points of my English language skills.

Maciej Piotrowski
Chief Technologist, DXC Technology

Lessons with Pola have been an eye opening experience for me. Before embarking on this fascinating journey I had been learning and actively using English for three decades. I have passed all possible English certificates, worked in US and I have been using English daily at work for the last 15 years.
It was Pola who pointed out to me some embarrassingly basic pronunciation mistakes I wouldn’t have ever noticed myself (nor has any of my teachers in the past paid any attention to them). It’s of little comfort that pretty much every Polish person I know makes these (or similar) mistakes. I have the tools in my pocket now to eradicate these errors.
Of course there’s much more in the intriguing world of English accents than typical Polish mistakes and, depending on your needs, interests and ambitions I’m positive Pola can help you discover all of it.

Lessons are fun, mix of different topics and teaching methods, I highly recommend them to  everyone who would like to improve their English accent or simply learn something new and enjoy the process.

Rafał Zaj
Technical Advisor at Thor GmbH

I wanted to improve my English to communicate in a more efficient, elegant and thus effective way which I find crucial when you work in an international environment and want to be taken seriously. Having already had an experience to speak Swedish among the Swedes I know how important it is to speak correctly not only grammatically but also concerning pronunciation.

When looking for an appropriate teacher I found Pola who found out to be the one I needed. She’s has the sort of knowledge and experience that is really allows her to fish out from your language everything what fails and to fix it.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to put an effort in it. On the contrary. She’s demanding, she’s funny but she’s professional. She’s good.

You just need to be aware of what you want and go for it consistently and not give up halfway. I made it. Compliments from my natively English speaking friends are the proof.

Monika Antoniuk
Associated Clinical Project Manager

I can admit that English is a part of both my personal and business life. I have always enjoyed learning it and I use it on a daily basis in the international environment of my work. Therefore, I have come across many accents which in many cases revealed the country of origin of the speaker, or I could just tell that certainly some of them are not native speakers. There is nothing bad about that but I have always admired and have been so impressed with the nice sound of especially British accent. I wondered how it is possible to gain such a perfect level of pronunciation as I knew that my own is very far from that. And I left it as it was, with no belief that I can change anything. To my mind it would take ages when you are not immersed in the language in the country of its origin.

When I met Pola Accent Maker, and we started our lessons with improving English accent, I realised how many basic mistakes I make in my pronunciation. I was literally shocked. However, at the same time I got motivated that I can work on that. Our lessons give me so much pleasure and satisfaction that I invest in my personal development. Under the eye and perfect “ear” of Pola dramatic change is really possible, because I feel it already and I am at the beginning of my road to better accent.

How we talk is absolutely crucial whenever we communicate. I do improve it to sound more professionally, be understood better, I don’t want to stay on the same level when now I know that I can achieve the higher one in an efficient way. But I have got also another goal here. I want to read in English to my little daughters and I would love to do it perfectly. It is my dream I pursue bravely because I have a support of a great accent coach. Moreover, Pola is a charismatic person full of passion. After each class I am left with more energy, that is way I enjoy them so much as well!

Joanna Sadowska
Associate, blogger

Pola is the best English teacher I have ever met during my entire learning process. Her knowledge and professionalism are impressive. Before we started our cooperation I understood spoken English language quite well but I was afraid to speak myself.  Pola has helped me to break this language barrier. I don’t speak as fantastically as I would like to yet but I know it is absolutely within my reach. Pola creates a fantastic atmosphere of the classes- 1,5h of the lesson passes very quickly. She is very patient with exercising the pronunciation and accent- some of the words we had to exercise many times up until my pronunciation finally became ideal.  Thanks to these classes I stopped treating English as some tedious duty and grew really fond of it. I recommend cooperation with Pola especially those people who don’t have too much time but they expect measurable and successful results.


Monika Szczech
English teacher

I’m an English language teacher specialising in teaching visually impaired students. I started individual accent coaching classes with Paulina a couple of years ago when I was intensively searching for a native speaker who could train with me British pronunciation. However, it was a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. These classes are very valuable and worthwhile for me because being an English teacher myself I can work on my pronunciation in a professional, and most importantly, successful way. Paulina is very passionate about teaching pronunciation, she has a very individual approach and innovative method of conducting her classes.

Izabela Makowska
Official in Marshall Office

I started learning English language on my own from a multimedia program. Then I attended the Callan Method lessons.

I have often travelled hence I wanted to be able to communicate with foreigners efficiently. Unfortunately, I had the speaking barrier and was tongue-tied because I knew I was speaking English with a hard Polish accent and Polish pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is extremely important because we build then so called ‘first impression’ on our interlocutor.

Thankfully, I found Ms Pola and I don’t regret it. Pola is a wonderful teacher of English, the best I have ever had in my entire life. She has a huge talent and ability to teach. It is easily visible that teaching is her real and huge passion. The classes are run stress-free with a full involvement and maximum use of the scheduled time. Ms Pola is a very  warm and friendly person. She has lots of patience and a very individual approach towards every student.

I heartily recommend Ms Pola to everyone who is searching for a good English pronunciation teacher. Surely nobody will be disappointed.

Magdalena Milewska
English teacher

During many years I had been trying to find ‘The teacher of the teachers’ so the person who could train other lecturers wanting to further develop their skills. At first I was searching among the native speakers, but these people even though they speak English perfectly themselves, don’t have any grounded knowledge about their own language because they hadn’t studied it properly hence they couldn’t help me.

Pola has not only absolutely perfect pronunciation but also a huge knowledge about, among others, phonetics and different accents. That’s why these lessons give me a lot of satisfaction, they are very inspiring and extremely useful for my professional work.
I recommend these lessons to anybody who wants to develop their English!

Tomasz Szymborski
Ph.D. Eng. | École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) | STI – IMX – Soft Materials Laboratory (SMAL)

I have known Paulina for over 7 years. She is the best English teacher I have ever had chance to meet. We started our cooperation from refreshing grammar but soon it turned out that I had huge problems with correct English pronunciation. Thank to the phonetics classes my accent and thus my presentations have improved immensely: good slides aren’t everything after all! During my trips  abroad I felt much more comfortable and self-confident because my accent sounded more ‘British’. I only regret that I got to know Paulina so late. So if you still hesitate if it’s worth investing in pronunciation: yes, it is definitely worth it, absolutely! Paulina is a real expert and every single minute of lesson is a genuine pleasure. I decidedly and absolutely recommend her!