Communication for Professional Purposes

If you are a BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL who needs to present, report, paraphrase, describe, persuade… and many more but you don’t feel your language skills serve you as well as you’d like to

I will show you what else can be done about your speaking skills, I will point at areas  in need of improvement and will provide you with METHODS AND TECHNIQUES that will be efficient and tailor-made exactly for you.


If you are a BUSINESS OWNER who should be the king of efficient communication, persuasive speaking and the best representation of your business… but you think you could do much better

I will show you how to work on your elocution, fluency and accent that you can boost your career even more, improve your professional position and as a result develop your business.


If you are a TOP EXECUTIVE who wants to lift your career even higher by getting a better job or applying for postgraduate or MBA studies

I can GUARANTEE you fantastic preparation for even most demanding and complex recruitment process. It’s one of my favourite speaking activities and types of classes. I used to be very successful at every recruitment process I’ve participated in. Later on, I was even more successful when worked as a professional recruiter myself and now I’m reaching my peak when joining my extensive experience from both areas and helping people to smash any recruitment processes with fantastic results!


If you are GREAT ANALYTICAL THINKER from the IT or ENGINEERING FIELD but you struggle with your elocution and oratory expression and you think your limited speaking skills undermine your professional image

I can help you even your skills, incite your hidden potential and develop the self-expression skills you didn’t think you even had. People with whom my cooperation is usually the most successful and efficient are business professionals from the IT sector which comes as a surprise for many.

! Business professionals constitute the largest group of my clients. They come from various areas (IT, new technologies, industry, medicine, pharmacy, law and many more), are of different background and age but all of them are high achievers,  very ambitious and demanding clients never ceasing to strive for more.

! I am very successful at preparing people for job interviews (even very complicated and demanding ones), assessment centres for the top consulting companies and recruitment processes for international post-graduate studies or MBA ones. I used to work as a recruiter myself hence I know best what questions might be asked, which situations might be tricky and how the process will develop.


! I offer you the comprehensive and complete preparation for professional presentation and apart from linguistic and phonetic point of view I will insert the thorough elements of advertisement and marketing language, expressive and persuasive discourse and stage presentation absolutely necessary for your professional image of a speaker.