Neurological Speech Therapy

If during your entire life you have been pronouncing sounds incorrectly in any language you speak

 I guarantee you a successful help with overcoming any problems of inappropriate sound articulation of physiological or emotional origin: professional diagnosis, finding out the source of your issues and choosing or inventing special methods to match your needs with particular focus on your jaw, mandible, tongue, teeth, cheeks or lips.

If you suffer from serious speech disorders and were told to ‘forget’ about speaking properly

 I am there for you with my professional and comprehensive speech therapy for people suffering from various speech impediments: stuttering, lisp, facial nerve paralysis and people after neurological accidents, episodes or diseases (stroke, dementia, Alzheimer disease).

If you are blind or deaf and don’t believe that beautiful speaking is attainable for you

 I offer you my innovative teaching practice helping people who are visually impaired or blind, hard of hearing or completely deaf. I have created my own methods that allow people who can’t hear my voice to start speaking English correctly or even with a chosen accent.

! I’m a professional speech therapist and neuro speech therapist with an extensive knowledge of speech apparatus, human speech physiognomy, speech disorders and neurological diseases.

! Apart from theoretical knowledge most importantly I have EXPERIENCE in working with people who are blind, deaf, hard of hearing or suffering from speech impediments. I’ve been there, I’ve done it and I KNOW how to do it successfully.

! I have created my own methods of work with such clients and I combine theoretical medical and neurological knowledge, speech therapy knowledge, psychological knowledge and plenty of advanced techniques focusing on work with body.

I think I’m one of the few accent coaches in Europe specialising in providing such extensive and innovative help people who are very limited in terms of speaking, seeing or hearing and I successfully make their dreams about beautiful speaking come true.